Anna and Richard talking to Shrewsbury Biscuit

Anna Morris and Richard Davies talk to podcaster Shrewsbury Biscuit.

Listen to the podcast on the web here or on your phone at podbean. If you use other podcast apps such as spotify, simply search for ‘shrewsbury biscuit‘.

Extinction Rebellion are in the news daily. Whether it’s due to a protest they have put together that has caused mayhem in the middle of London or whether they are being interviewed on the news about their views on climate change. Whatever the angle, they are everywhere. Just recently XR Shrewsbury protested in a bank in our town by doing a “die in” where they all lay on the ground.

This caused me to be curious, what are the messages that XR are trying to tell us? So I got in touch! and this is an interview with Anna Morris and Richard Davies to do exactly that. The world is heading in a direction where money and consumerism is now more important than the planet itself, XR are here to tell people that changes need to be made. 

The fascinating episode introduces the listeners to Extinction Rebellion and explains many different ways you can help make changes, also how they intend to influence big, wholesale changes to our way of life to try and save the world.

Thank you to XR Shrewsbury for helping me put this together, it was a truly insightful interview.

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