‘Polly Higgins’ boat

Where can I see the ‘Polly Higgins’ boat?

(© National Maritime Museum)

The boat is now outside the National Maritime Museum – here to find the location on Google Maps.

Extinction Rebellion first used a pink boat to block Oxford Circus for five days in April 2019. Even after the boat was impounded by police, the symbol of the boat continued to be used by the protestors.

In July 2019 five boats, including the one now on display, were used during protests across the UK. This blue boat was part of the demonstration from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July 2019 outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Following the protest, Extinction Rebellion loaned the boat to the National Maritime Museum.

Polly Higgins

The blue boat is named after Polly Higgins (1968–2019), an environmental campaigner and barrister. Higgins spent the last decade of her life working towards making ecocide a crime at the International Criminal Court. In 2010 she presented her proposal for this law, to protect the Earth from ecological and climate ecocide (ecosystem loss or damage caused by corporate and/or governments), to the United Nations. Her team are now continuing her legacy.


Stop Ecocide is the campaign Polly co-launched in order to launch ecocide crime into the wider public domain. In an unprecedented step, an Earth Protectors Trust Fund was created.  The fund provides for representation at the annual Assembly of the International Criminal Court for Small Island Developing States and their delegates costs.

The ‘Polly Higgins’ Extinction Rebellion boat will be on display at the National Maritime Museum until autumn 2019.

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