Getting Ready for The Rebellion?

Taking to the streets this October? Great! Camping out all night? Even better!

But please remember that the nights will be like winter! That fiery rage in you heart will only keep you warm for so long.

So, make sure you dress and pack accordingly. Dig out that winter gear you stowed away for the (unduly hot!) summer: warm socks, hats, scarves, gloves and fleece pyjamas.

Top tips for campers: layering is the way to go! Bring extra layers for under you tent to stay dry – think dry cardboard, old yoga mats etc. Put an old blanket or rug on the floor tent floor, then ideally a few layers of sleeping mats. Use a three seasons sleeping bag and bring at least two extra blankets. You get the idea.

And what if it rains?

We’ll use it as an opportunity to promote XR! Bring an umbrella with you (black or blue is best) and we’ll print the XR logo on it, to create a powerful image from the skies! Sharing is caring, bring along extras for friends to share.

In short, stay warm, dry and rebel!

We are all XR Singers!

During rebellions and actions, in the right place at the right time, there’ve been those breathtaking moments of a multitude of voices rising with the tide of the people.

They can uplift, ground and calm us, filling the air waves with ordinary extraordinary beauty.

Often this magic is conjured by folks like you who hear someone singing, lend an ear, then join in. If you’ve been moved by these experiences and would like a chance to learn some songs in advance, we now have an XR Songs website loaded with materials.

If you consider yourself a song carrier and could offer to hold a mid-morning singing slot on regional sites to seed a few songs and cultivate some voices, then get in touch with!

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