Items confiscated over the past few days

I thought it interesting to look through the internet and see what items had been confiscated.

It all started with the pink cushions…

And of course the green bins which would have been used to collect rubish were taken.

Of course that meant the Rebels just went and bought some rubbish bags, these were used for their own waste and for when cleaning up general litter they found.

And we mustn’t forget the kitchen sink.

Remind me, how important is hygiene?

Of course, we mustn’t let anyone have any fun, lets sieze the sound system…..

Some cooking equipment, and the ‘dangerous’ bale of hay!

A ‘bale‘ is also a term used for ‘ a group of turtles’. (am thinking ‘specsavers!’)

Lets not forget that ART can be very subversive.

In the words of subversive spirit guide Marcel Duchamp: “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”

And just how subversive can a wheelchair be?

And finally… once everything, including the kitchen sink has been taken, lets nab the Quaker….

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