Nine Countries Asking For An EU Aviation Carbon Tax

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The Ministers of Finance of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Bulgaria want a tax to neutralize the environmental damages of aviation.

In a joint statement, they asked the European Commission to introduce a measure to offset CO2 emissions of planes.

Although air travel is the source of around 2.5% [some would say 3%] of global CO2 emissions, flying is considered underpriced in comparison with other forms of transportation. Among the EU Member States, only six levy taxes on international aviation in the form of ticket taxes for passengers departing from internal airports. The highest average tax rates are in the U.K., followed by Italy, Norway, Germany and France.

The UK (so as to keep it simple) has two bands and three rates within the bands.

There are 2 destination bands:

  • ‘A’ where the distance from London to the destination country’s capital city is between 0 to 2,000 miles
  • ‘B’ where the distance from London to the destination country’s capital city is over 2,000 miles

Duty is charged on each passenger at the rate for the place where their journey ends (their final destination).

Band A destinations are:

  • all countries in the EU and EEA including Corsica, Gibraltar, Madeira, Sicily, Svalbard, The Azores, The Balearic Islands, The Canary Islands and Western Sahara
  • non-EU countries – Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia
  • independent regions – the Channel Islands, Isle of Man
  • non-EU countries – Albania, Andorra, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russian Federation (west of the Urals only), Greenland, Faroe Islands, San Marino, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Kosovo

Any other destination falls into band B.

There are 3 rates of duty for each destination band depending on the class of travel.

Reduced rate

For travel in the lowest class of travel available on the plane for seat pitches less than 1.016 metres (40 inches).

Standard rate

For travel in any other class of travel or where the seat pitch is more than 1.016 metres (40 inches).

Higher rate

For travel in planes of 20 tonnes or more equipped to carry fewer than 19 passengers.

Rates from 1 April 2019

Destination bandsReduced rateStandard rateHigher rate
Band A£13£26£78
Band B£78£172£515

Rates from 1 April 2020

Destination bandsReduced rateStandard rateHigher rate
Band A£13£26£78
Band B£80£176£528
Amount of government revenue from Air Passenger Duty* (APD) in the United Kingdom (UK) from 1997 to 2018

Read for futher information.

There is also the option NOT TO FLY!

Aviation is the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions at a time when we desperately need to reduce them.

You can click here to take the pledge to be flight free for 2020

#FlightFree2020 @FlightFree2020

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