World On Our Shoulders

We’re singing the Resolution Song with communities around the world. Together we’re calling for urgent action on the climate crisis. Stand with us and make a resolution for the planet.

# Resolution2020

@XRShrewsbury @ExtinctionReb10 #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR @XRLiberation @XRPeaceUK

Join us – Torquay Girls’ Grammar School Chromas Choir Rachel Weldon New London Performing Arts Centre Girls Choir Spīgo Torama Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean

Join The #Resolution2020 Movement For Our Planet A GLOBAL SONG FOR OUR PLANET The world is at a critical crossroads. 2020 must be the year where we decide to make a change for the future of our planet. #Resolution2020 is a global climate action project with a song at its heart. A song of hope but also a call for action on the climate and environmental emergency. Resolution Song is being sung in almost every country across the world. Together we are one global voice singing out to inspire the world’s communities and leaders to set ambitious New Year’s resolutions to protect the future of our planet. Join The Resolution! Jahson sings RESOLUTION SONG for the planet in Sierra Leone

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