The IEA and WEO 2019: Still working for fossil fuels, not global climate goals

To be relevant in a time of climate crisis, the world’s top energy modelling agency should be charting a robust and credible pathway towards phasing out fossil fuels and achieving global climate goals. Instead, with the release of its 2019 World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is continuing to provide cover for fossil fuel investments that add up to climate disaster.

The fossil fuel industry hides behind @IEA scenarios to justify business-as-usual. Given the #ClimateEmergency, we need @IEABirol to #FixTheWEO and chart a path to climate safety. Learn more: #WEO19

IEA says:

Consumer preferences for SUVs could offset the benefits from electric cars. The growing appetite among consumers for bigger and heavier cars (SUVs) is already adding extra barrels to global oil consumption. SUVs are more difficult to electrify fully, and conventional SUVs consume 25% more fuel per kilometre than medium-sized cars. If the popularity of SUVs continues to rise in line with recent trends, this could add another 2 million barrels per day to our projection for 2040 oil demand.

What’s in the pipeline for gas? Gas grids provide a crucial mechanism to bring energy to consumers, typically delivering more energy than electricity networks and providing a valuable source of flexibility.

TAKE ACTION: Tell IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol to align the WEO with climate safety.

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