Should Exxon actually be sued?

Should Exxon actually be sued like Tobacco companies for deliberately deceiving the public and hiding the truth about global warming?

They are liable for significantly more damage than Tobacco companies. And was Exxon alone among oil companies?

Burning fossil fuels for more than a century has released heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases into the atmosphere, altering the world’s climate and acidifying its oceans. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that burn-ing coal, oil, and natural gas—to drive our cars, heat our homes, and power our lives—has caused increasing temperatures, sea level rise, extreme drought, severe wildfires, and record flooding.

Leading fossil fuel companies have consistently worked to discredit and disparage scientists and the scientific evidence linking fossil fuels and global warming.

It is time to hold fossil fuel producers accountable for damage they knew their products were causing.

Evidence going back more than 50 years shows that a number of fossil fuel companies and their industry associations have long understood that their products caused harm.


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