A Complete Guide to Divesting Your Money from Fossil Fuels

From Ethical.net – your fossil fuel divestment 101

With 11 years left for us to limit global warming to 1.5C, fossil fuels are still all pervasive in our societies. They’re polluting our atmosphere, acidifying our oceans, and forging the plastics that are piling up in landfills—and all of this activity is funded by our financial institutions

This system can seem inescapable and inevitable. But if you want to withdraw your financial support from the companies that are driving us towards climate breakdown, there is one important action you can take: fossil fuel divestment.

Because even though the UK has committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, funding fossil fuel companies is still the norm within the financial sector—and, whether it’s your bank quietly financing tar sand extraction or your pension provider actively investing in companies like BP and Shell, it’s likely that your money is tied up in it too. To find out more about:

  • ‘What is fossil fuel disinvestment?’
  • ‘Does fossil fuel investment work?’
  • …and answers to other questions, read the Ethical.net guide