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  • by Rebel Radio
    Anna and Danny speak with Rob Bilott, the heroic lawyer who took on corporate giant DuPont after they poisoned an American town with toxic chemical waste, and discuss the prevalence of forever chemicals in our everyday lives and the systemic problems behind environmental degradation. ‘The system is rigged.They want us to think it protects us, […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Today XR Youth activists in Cambridge received further distressing threats of violence against them.[1] They are scared and shaken but have independently decided to continue their protest until Sunday as planned. The post The kids aren’t alright – Extinction Rebellion UK’s statement on threats of violence towards XR Cambridge appeared first on Extinction Rebellion.
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: +447525 751171 / +447811 958896Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Media Assets | #XR2020 #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow  Extinction Rebellion response to JP Morgan ‘Risky Business,’ report on the Climate and Ecological Emergency: Two economists working for JP Morgan have just released a report entitled Risky Business, the Climate and the MacroEconomy.  The report is […]
  • by XR Video
    Facebook event here. The post ‘Enough is Enough – Together We March’ appeared first on Extinction Rebellion.
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    From 11am today, Extinction Rebellion UK turned the Making the Modern World gallery at the Science Museum in London into the scene of a die-in to highlight the effects of air pollution on our and our children’s health. The Science Museum Group accepts sponsorships from fossil fuel companies, with it’s children’s gallery Wonderlab sponsored by […]
  • by XR Newsletter
    (Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, With two storms in two weeks causing widespread disruption and flooding, 2020 didn’t take long to bring the climate crisis to our doorstep. But our rebels are hot on the case, taking to the streets with ever more innovative and theatrical actions. In London, some rebels brightened […]
  • by Rebel Radio
    Highlighting the optimists of the world brimming with solutions to the climate and ecological emergency. From rewilding and regenerative farming to clean energy for all, these individuals share their visions of a healthier world. 2040 – 27/11/2019 Sue Wheat interviews Damon Gameaux, the producer and star of the new film 2040, with Jeffrey Douglass from […]
  • by Rebel Radio
    Humans of XR on Rebel Radio celebrates the people behind the banners and their heroic efforts to bring the climate and ecological emergency to the forefront of public consciousness. Lawyers, doctors, carpenters, musicians, dancing clowns and kangaroos, from Glasgow to Papa New Guinea share their stories of rebellion. Outreach – 21/01/2020 As Extinction Rebellion progresses […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    40 Days of Action will be launched on the 26th of February, Ash Wednesday, with a vigil outside Westminster Abbey starting at 2pm to align with Lent. Groups such as Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion Faith Groups will be coming together to call on religious organisations to fully divest from fossil fuels by the […]

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