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  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Email: press@risingup.org.uk; Phone: +44(0)75610 98449 / +44(0)7986 671716 Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Media Assets|Legal Crowd Funder  |What emergency?|Extinction Rebellion in Numbers|This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook#EverybodyNow  #ExtinctionRebellion Extinction Rebellion UK unreservedly denounces today’s comments from our co-founder, Roger Hallam, in the German newspaper Die Zeit, made in a personal capacity in relation to the recent launch […]
  • by Zoe Blackler
    Extinction Rebellion welcomes Netpol’s extensive report into the Met’s policing of our International Rebellion in October with its allegations of widespread police misconduct. The post Come Hell or High Water: Extinction Rebellion welcomes Netpol report into the Met’s policing of its October protests appeared first on Extinction Rebellion.
  • by Zoe Blackler
    Melanie Edwards, a carer from South Wales, has been sentenced to seven days in prison for glueing herself on in court during her own trial.  She was found guilty of contempt of court and is serving out her sentence at Bronzefield Prison in Ashford, becoming the first Extinction Rebellion protestor to receive a custodial sentence.  […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Dearest rebels, winter is almost upon us. The nights are drawing in, the frost is rising, and a general election is looming. To some, this is an exciting chance for change. To others it’s merely another sign of the chaos and state of flux of this country (and to a greater extent, the world.) Scenes […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: +44(0) 7427 067267 / +44(0) 7050 967632Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Media Assets | Crowd Funder #ExtinctionRebellion #BoycottForAmazonia #NotASingleDropMore #NenhumaGotAMais Friday 15th from 12pm Extinction Rebellion UK to stage protest in front of BlackRock offices – 12 Copthall Avenue, City of London, calling for them to ‘Put the fire out’. Climate & […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: +44(0)7969 083 371 / +44 7979 971209 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Media Assets | Legal Crowd Funder  | What emergency? | Extinction Rebellion in Numbers |This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook#EverybodyNow #ExtinctionRebellion #WhereIsYourPlan Extinction Rebellion UK would like to thank The Jade Assembly for their support and wish […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: +44 (0)7561 098449 | +44 (0)79 7997 1209  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Media Assets | New – Crowdfund the #ElectionRebellion! #ElectionRebellion #WhereIsYourPlan Yesterday Extinction Rebellion activists around the world – from France, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, UK, USA and more – announced their intention to go on hunger […]
  • by Extinction Rebellion
    Extinction Rebellion activists staged an action on the river Thames in London. A classic suburban house was seen floating down the river sinking into the water in yet another attempt to send an SOS to the government on climate inaction and draw attention to the threat humans face from climate change and rising sea levels. […]
  • by Julia
    Email: press@risingup.org.uk Phone: +44(0)7969 083 371 / +44 7979 971209 Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Media Assets| Crowd Funder #EverybodyNow  #WhereIsYourPlan Act Now – Our house is flooding In the early hours of Sunday 10thNovember, Extinction Rebellion activists staged an action on the river Thames in London. A classic suburban house was seen floating down the river, sinking into the […]

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XR Shrewsbury news items

  • Have you signed the Shropshire Council ePetition…

    19th Nov 2019 by

    Residents of Shropshire are petitioning the council to agree a target date for achieving ‘net carbon zero’ emissions from the councils activities, and to design an action plan in accordance with this target. We welcome the council’s declaration of a climate emergency and commitment to work towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions for the council’s activities and for the county. But time is short.

  • Every Single Being on the Planet – EXTINCTION REBELLION short film

    19th Nov 2019 by

    Fifty people, aged 7 to 70, converged on a beach in North West England to create a 110m diameter representation, of the ‘Extinction Rebellion Symbol’ to highlight the need for urgent action on climate change and biodiversity loss. They hope the action will inspire other people to do the same on beaches around the world that are threatened by rising sea levels.

  • EU Bank launches ambitious new climate strategy and Energy Lending Policy

    18th Nov 2019 by

    “The EIB is the largest multilateral investor in climate-related projects in the world. But now, answering the call of European heads of state and European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, we intend to scale up our ambitions and strengthen the EIB’s role as the European Union’s dedicated climate bank. By mainstreaming climate considerations and targeting low-carbon investments, the EIB will be able to channel at least €1 trillion ($1.1 trillion) toward low-carbon projects over the next decade.”

  • Irish Doctors for the Environment

    16th Nov 2019 by

    Irish Doctors for Environment is a branch of doctors in Ireland who aim to create awareness, interest and implement action around environment health and the impact it has on our patients’ health.

  • Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe project (SOPHIE)

    15th Nov 2019 by

    SOPHIE’s Citizen Science Program is an open invitation to all European citizens to contribute to advance knowledge on Ocean & Human Health. Through this program, run in collaboration with the WILDSEA Europe network, citizens that engage in coastal and marine activities or that deliver such activities in their capacity as ecotourism operators are taking part in different citizen science initiatives.

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