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The Rebellion continues…

This is an emergency. Join the international rebellion to save the planet for our children.

Extinction Rebellion is an organisation run by volunteers, who try to prevent the worst from the ongoing climate and ecological crises.

Extinction Rebellion is moving into its next phase of action and we need your help. 

The task is great, time is short, but with your support we will get there. 

Autumn is coming and we have a Rebellion to fund.

Join us on the 7th of October.

The first International Rebellion in April woke up individuals and communities globally to the converging climate and ecological crises.

XR Shrewsbury is launching its crowdfunder to help give rise to the next rebellion and ensure our demands are met. We have the government’s attention, now we demand that they act!

The next chapter of Extinction Rebellion has begun and our success relies on your generous gifts of time, money, skills and energy.